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Cosham Allotments and Gardens - Flower & Vegetable Show 
September 4th 2022
Entry Form
Please enter Exhibitor's name and  today's date
All Entry forms and Entry Fees must be received at the Allotments Shop by 11.00 am on Saturday 3rd September.
You will receive a message regarding total Entry Fee and how to pay on completion and submission of this form.

Please select your membership - Allotment or Garden member
by placing a tick in the relevant box.

  • Exhibitors may enter as many Classes as they wish.
  • Exhibitors can only enter ONE exhibit per Class.

Entry Fees
Single Entries cost £1.50 each
You may enter 3 Classes for £3 i.e buy 3 get 1 free!
You may bunch your entries to take advantage of the 3 for the price of 2 offer.
5 Entries cost £6 (1x£3 + 2x£1.50)
11 Entries cost £12 (3x£3 + 2x£1.50)

Entry Format
All entries should be accompanied by a card, approximately 75mmx100mm, 3”x4”, on one side should be written the Exhibitor’s name and on the other side the variety of the exhibit, e.g. Tomato Gardener’s Delight
NB Cards may be collected when paying fees in the shop if required.

All entries to be displayed on paper plate no more than 180mm in diameter, children’s entries excepted.
NB Paper Plates may be collected when paying fees in the shop if required.

Exhibitors should bring their own vases.

All Entries must be staged by the exhibitors where designated by the organisers between 11.30am. & 12.30pm. on Sunday 4th September.

Please Pay via "Competition Entry Payment" page on this menu