Competition Results

During the Covid19 season the allotment site was considered to be a safe haven and we, as a committee, were/are determined to maintain the safety AND provide as many of the site facilities and opportunities as possible.

Plot of the Month 2020

The presentation of the plots has reflected the joy and the time members have spent on their plots during the summer of 2020- so much so we felt it deserved a monthly competition - "Plot of the Month". The winners being awarded a prize from the shop.

Plot of the Month MAY 2020 - Judges Goff Gleadle & Peter Cheyne

Winner - Plot 35 - Tricia and Alan Pring

Plot of the Month JUNE 2020 - Judges Stephen Rees & Robbie Hart

Winner - Plot 4 - Vernon Gibbons

Highly Commended
Plots 13, 14a, 15, 19a, 24a, 56 - which reflects the high standard of the plots.
Also a special Elephant Ear Cabbage prize goes to Bill Trace Plot 11