IMPORTANT NOTE This is Weedol Rootkill and more potent than the similarly named Weedol Weedkiller - Weedol Rootkill Plus is specially recommended for use on perennial broad-leaved weeds and grasses such as docks, stinging nettles, thistles, couch grass, dandelions and creeping buttercups. For best results spray the weeds with fine droplets to cover the whole weed foliage without drifting on to other wanted plants. Weedol Rootkill Plus degrades in the soil to allow re-planting and children and pets can play on the treated area once dried. ________________________________________ Where to use Use to kill weeds on drives, paths, patios, and around the garden. ________________________________________ Cautions Contains glyphosate and pyraflufen-ethyl. Use weed killer products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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