One of the earliest and sweetest watermelon we have trialled and we think the best tasting too. A delicious small icebox watermelon, 2-3 pounds each which makes it far better suited to European climates. Has a slight tendency to crack when ripe or when you try to cut the fruits, but it never last long enough to worry. Can be grown outside in a warm, sheltered and sunny location, but for the most reliable crops under glass is best. Cultivation Advice Days to Germination: 5-7 Days To Harvest: 75 in warm conditions Planting Depth: 1/2 to 1 inch Spacing: 2 feet Light: Sunny, Warm, Sheltered Location • Prepare soil by digging and incorporating liberal amounts of well-rotted compost or farmyard manure over-winter. • Watermelons thrive in a sunny, warm location • Sow April to May 1cm (½in) deep, in 7cm (3.5in) pots of free-draining seed sowing mix. • Place in a (propagator, airing cupboard) and keep at a temperature of around 20-25C (68-77F) until after germination, usually 5-7 days. • When first true leaves develop, transplant into 13cm (5in) pots for a few weeks. • Plant out 24 inches apart after carefully hardening off after all risk of frost in a warm sheltered position in full sun or for a more reliable crop under glass. • Water regularly and feed with liquid fertilizer every 14 days. • Pinch out growing point at the 4 leaf stage and train the laterals (side-shoots) along the row. • Hand pollinate if required. • At harvest time, tap the watermelon with your knuckles, and if it sounds hollow, it’s ripe.

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