Yellow Sulphur Powder is used for the control of powdery mildew on many fruits, flowers and vegetables including gooseberry, chrysanthemum, cineraria, cucumber, delphiniums, ornamental hops, hyacinth, marrow, peas, rose and strawberries. Can also be used to control storage rots of bulbs, corms and tubers, including Penicillium rot of Gladioli and Sclerotinia rot of Dahlia, when applied before storing away. This is a plant nutrient and soil acidifier. Sulphur is an important secondary nutrient for most plants and plays an important role in the vital components of amino acids, and is therefore essential for efficient protein production. Sulphur can be applied as a tonic, either puffed directly onto foilage or the soil around the base of plants. Shake the pack before use. remove the cap and apply by squeezing the pack to discharge the powder. Point slightly downwards and ensure the whole surface to be treated is adequately covered. When used for acidification, after a few months determine the PH of the soil and repeat the process until the pH is reduced to the required level. heavier soils normally require repeat applications. Treatment can be carried out around living plants.

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