Tiller Saturday 9.30 - 11.30

TO REQUEST A LOAN FOR THIS SESSION PLEASE "ADD TO BASKET" AND "ORDER NOW". ENTER YOUR DETAILS, SELECT "SAVE & CONTINUE". YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION THAT THE ORDER IS RECEIVED AND A FURTHER ONE WHEN IT HAS BEEN RESERVED FOR YOU. A tiller helps you break up the top 6 inches of soil. Always start it while tines are resting on the ground. You will have to get used to pulling it backwards. The tines can clog with debris fairly often but it is not very difficult to clean them – having first stopped the engine!!! NEVER USE A TILLER ON UNBROKEN SOIL THAT MAY CONTAIN WEEDS – unless you like weeding! LOANS ARE FOR THE DURATION OF THE SHOP OPENING HOURS ONLY, PLEASE CLEAN TINES ON RETURN.