An excellent compact growing variety producing 4-5 fruits per plant of up to 1kg each. The fruits have higher sugar content with finer and firmer flesh than Waltham Butternut, with excellent storage characteristics. Resistance to powdery mildew means better vine health. Very easy to cultivate. Cultivation Advice • A sunny spot protected from strong winds is essential. • The soil must be well drained and rich in humus, the more the better. • Many winter Squash / Pumpkins like to sprawl out and need plenty of space. • Vining Squash / Pumpkins require a larger area to run, whilst semi-vining and bush varieties of winter squash / courgette can be well contained. • For an early start (Mid / Late Apr) place a single seed edgeways 1/2inch deep in seed compost in a 3inch pot. • The critical part is temperature, these need at least 65F continuous soil temperature (preferably more to maximise germination rates) until germinated, so a propagator, well heated greenhouse or airing cupboard is ideal • Keep the soil moist – water copiously around the plants, not over them. • Keep weed free to allow air circulation. • Once the fruits start to swell feed every 14 days with a tomato type fertilizer, these are greedy plants.

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