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The Association owns a large petrol shredder which is operated under the management of Goff Gleadle. It functions in the area outside the portacabin during shop hours when requests are received. You will need to bring the material to be shredded to this area whilst the machine is operating. PLEASE DO NOT DEPOSIT MATERIAL EXPECTING IT TO BE CHIPPED FOR YOU AT A LATER DATE. To request a shredding service select the day and date of your choice - "ADD to BASKET" followed by "ORDER NOW". Enter your details and select "SAVE & CONTINUE". you will receive a confirmation that the booking has been received and a further one confirming the reservation.


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Wood chip is a versatile material on the allotment

Wood chip decomposes slowly and, once applied to your soft fruit beds it won’t need to be reapplied for a long time. Additionally, the general benefits of mulch include weed suppression and soil protection. Broadleaf is better than conifer chippings for beds. If you wish to apply mulch to a newly planted bed, it’s vital to allow either type to age for 3-4 months before doing so. Another option is to use wood chips in paths.