A fast maturing variety, perfect for early sowings, producing blunt tipped medium length roots with almost no core. Exceptionally sweet, perfect for summer salads or accompanying new potatoes. Seed tapes are the easiest way to sow vegetables, the seeds have been incorporated in a bio-degradable paper tape which ensures the correct spacing and minimises the need for thinning. The seeds simply germinate through the tape in position. Cultivation advice Sow Apr to Jun direct to the growing position. Prepare the soil in your chosen growing location, removing any weeds and raking to a fine tilth. Make a shallow drill in the soil and simply roll out the tape in the groove. Tape can be cut to suit row length. Cover thinly with soil, water lightly, mark the row with a label and ensure the soil is kept moist. The seed is pre-spaced on the tape; however, you may need to do a small amount of thinning on some varieties as they develop depending on the germination rate achieved.

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