We offer two ranges of Seeds – Range 1: Special Seeds at Special Prices Seeds in this selection are all at least 25% off the online/retail price and no postage costs! The majority of the seeds in this category are F1 varieties - simply put they are hybrid seeds bred for outstanding performance and/or disease protection. It is here you will find several Blight Resistant Tomato varieties and some Carrot Fly resistant carrot seeds. Of course, this normally comes with a price tag & saving seed from produce for subsequent years is not advised - but by buying in bulk and repackaging, (I’m good to you!!), keeps the prices to the bare minimum. If you are able to include some F1 varieties in your sowing I don't think you will be disappointed. Range 2 De Ree A Dutch firm with a good reputation, De Ree offer a vast selection of non F1 varieties which reflect a lower cost outlay.