Rotavator Sunday 10.00 -11.30

TO REQUEST A LOAN FOR THIS SESSION PLEASE "ADD TO BASKET" AND "ORDER NOW". ENTER YOUR DETAILS, SELECT "SAVE & CONTINUE". YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION THAT THE ORDER IS RECEIVED AND A FURTHER ONE WHEN IT HAS BEEN RESERVED FOR YOU. Before rotavating new ground, you should remove any weeds a few days in advance. If you rotavate through weeds, they can get caught in the rotavator's tines and be spread around the plot. These machines are powerful pieces of gardening machinery and heavy, both in use and whilst wheeling to & from your plot. The blades or rotors will break up roughly hand turned soil, improving drainage, levelling the area and readying the ground for growing vegetables and crops. LOANS ARE FOR THE DURATION OF THE SHOP OPENING HOURS ONLY, PLEASE CLEAN TINES ON RETURN