In response to a few enquiries I have secured a very limited stock of “Christmas” potatoes. These are strictly on a first come first served basis. You can take your chances and wait for weekend opening but to be sure I advise you to put your order in online – you can always pay on collection if you prefer. Late cropping or “Christmas" potatoes can be planted from late July to early September for harvest later in the year. These seed potatoes are specially held back by growers, in environmentally controlled stores at low temperature in order to slow the growth of the plants, so that they can be planted in the late summer and then harvested from late Autumn until Christmas. Obviously you will have to contend with the two main potato foes – frost and blight – both prevalent towards the end of the season. Outside grown potatoes will need protection from both or you could grow them in potato sacks to help shelter them from the worst effects. The varieties on offer -Pentland Javelin (first early), Charlotte & Maris Peer (second earlies). First earlies are typically ready for harvesting around 13-15 weeks from planting and second earlies15-22 weeks from planting so you will need to decide your timing – given the weather so far this year – this will end up calculated guesswork methinks. These are all salad potatoes – use your stored main crop potatoes for roasting, preferably not the salad varieties. There is no need to chit them but if you decide to keep them for a while before planting make sure you store them in a cool place. I might even try the salad bin in the refrigerator (if I’m allowed!). But this is pure experiment NOT advice.