Griselle (The Banana) Shallots (6)

Extra-long banana shallot Disease-resistance and winter hardy Griselle offers you a spicy shallot ready to harvest from early summer. Griselle gives you long shallots, easy to prepare and slice. Also known as the banana shallot you get the idea of the shape and good size from every bulb at harvest time. At planting time prod your finger or thumb into the soil to a depth of around an inch and place your sets in each hole. Space the sets 20-25cm (4- 6in) apart and cover. The tips of your sets should just be visible above the soil surface. By all means plant shallot Griselle in containers too if you are short of outdoor space but be sure the container is sufficiently deep (30cm+) 12+in so the bulbs have space to establish underground over the winter and spring. Water the soil frequently but cease watering from around May in the last few weeks before harvest. Harvest when you notice the stems yellow and they start to wilt. Useful tip Constant weeding is ultra-important around your shallot plants as they develop over spring and into early summer.

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