Flower Mix Shade is specifically designed so you can sown them in partial to medium shade. This colourful mix of native and new world flower annual and perennial varieties. It will deliver a blanket of colour spanning the summer months. It is both visually stunning and attractive to pollinating insects. Chinese Forget me not, Candytuft, Coreopsis, Coneflower Purple, Annual Gypsophila, Larkspur, Corn Poppy, Shasta Daisy, Sweet William, Snapdragon, Viola ‘ Helens Mount, Clarkia, Aquilegia Mckanas Mix, Aquilegia Dwarf, Myosotis ‘ Forget me not, Mimulus ‘ Monkey Flower. Cultivation Advice Flower Mix Shade Sowing rate 10gm per 7 square metres. You can sow the seeds from late autumn to late spring. Weed the area as best as possible as this mix is best on bare soil. Rake over then roller or walk on area to firm the soil. To help with even sowing and to see where you scattered the seed and mix 3 to 1 with dry sharp sand. Once sown the seed you can gently rake them in and then if rain is not imminent watered with a fine spray attachment.

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