Carrot Chantenay is deservedly well known, a popular small, sweet variety of carrot with orange-red flesh and a fine crisp texture. With a sweet flavour, they taste 'as carrots used to taste' A premium all purpose, intermediate, stump-rooted variety, with broad shoulders and a blunt tip. Perfect for container growing and very adaptable to a variety of soils, they are excellent for both early and successional sowing. Sow from Feb under cloches or fleece. Sow successionally. Sow forced crop seeds in 2cm deep drills (shallow furrows), 15cm apart. Carrot seeds are small, but it’s wise to plant them as thinly as possible. This reduces the amount of thinning necessary and potential risk from pests. Mix the seeds with a handful of sharp sand and sow them together. Sand will also aid drainage. Once the seedlings are showing their first rough leaves, thin out to 10cm apart which minimises competition and enables the carrots to grow quickly to harvest size. Aftercare: Use a lightweight fleece over the bed to increase the temperature of the soil while also preventing the carrot flies from laying their eggs. The plants need little other attention during their growth period, although the plants should be kept well watered – too little water results in coarse, woody roots.

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