Calcified seaweed is a popular choice with organic gardeners and those looking for a product that can help rapidly improve the quality of their soil. Calcified seaweed is a natural product that not only provides a wide range of essential nutrients, it can also significantly improve the structure of your soil and help correct pH imbalances. It is a popular alternative to garden lime and can even be used as a spring lawn dressing due to its valuable mix of nutrients. Benefits of calcified seaweed As well as calcium, calcified seaweed contains a good balance of the three core nutrients all plants need for healthy growth – nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. It also contains magnesium, essential for photosynthesis, and a number of crucial trace elements such as iron and carbon. These trace elements encourage better absorption of the core nutrients from the soil, making calcified seaweed a highly effective general purpose organic fertiliser. DO NOT USE on ericaceous plants.

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