Uniform, bell-shaped fruits with smooth tan skin and bright orange, moist flesh. Excellent flavour and long storage with an easy-to peel skin. Start indoors 3–4 weeks before last frost, plant out 2 weeks after last frost. Start 3 seeds 4” pots, thin to 1-2 plants. Direct seed after last frost or soil 70˚F. Seeds will rot in cool wet soil. 5-6 seeds to a 12” diameter hill or disturbed area. Can transplant end of last frost with row cover. Pinch new blossoms midsummer to encourage larger fruit. Will not store well after hard frost damage. Store in a cool, dry place. Planting Depth 1/2-1” Days to Germ. 3-10 Plant Spacing 18-24” Row Spacing 6’ Days To Maturity 100–110 Full Sun, Moist Well Drained

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