It is recommended that the seeds are sown between February and June, for blooms between June and October. Just one box of speed seed will cover 50m2, leaving your garden looking amazing. The seeds included have been chosen to attract pollinators to your gardens such as butterflies and bees. Instructions: Prepare the soil by removing any stones and weeds. Rake over the area to break up the soil, to make a more even surface for seeds to spread naturally. IMPORTANT: Before opening, shake the box vigorously for 30 seconds to mix the seeds well. Open the box at the side indicated, and distribute the contents evenly over the chosen area. The lighter bran carrier is a light beige colour so you can see where the seeds have spread. Rake Surface lightly to cover the seeds within a thin layer of soil. The flower bed can be rolled or firmed down to ensure the seeds have contact with the soil. Water well and ensure the soil is kept moist.

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