Beetroot Cylindra Seeds

How to grow Beetroot: Beetroot are remarkably easy to grow and can be grown across a wide range of climates. It prefers moist, sunny conditions with not excessive heat. Beetroot can be sown from very early in the season until late and can be grown in raised beds or containers all year round. Sow the seeds closer together for cutting and use in baby leaf salads, they can be constantly thinned, as you need them throughout the growing period. The young shoots are also deliciously sweet. When to sow Beetroot: Late spring to autumn. Beetroots can be grown from early spring onwards if grown indoors or undercover. Seeds can be planted directly into the ground after the threat of frost has passed. Beetroots are best planted at soil temperatures between 7°C and 25°C. The best quality beetroots are grown at temperatures of 10 to 18°C (50 to 65°F).The crops will tolerate light frost How to sow Beetroot: The seeds require plenty of moisture to germinate. Soaking them in warm water for an hour or two prior to planting is a great way to speed up germination. Expected germination time 10 to 14 days. Prevent a glut when planting beetroot by sowing your seed in stages, a small batch at a time every couple of weeks will give a continuous harvest.

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