Basil Collection

Superb range of aromas and flavours for a vast array of culinary dishes. Grow in beds, borders and containers and all year round on the windowsill. Lemon - fresh, uplifting lemon flavour and aroma. Lettuce Leaf - largest basil leaf, with traditional flavour, also looks great when used as a garnish. Minette - sweet, slightly spicy flavour, the traditional basil used for pizzas. Red Rubin - subtle flavour and deep red leaves, gives a colourful 'lift' to salads, soups and stir-fries. Sweet - the most popular, aromatic large leaved basil, imparts a sweet, slightly aniseed flavour. Thai - traditional ingredient for oriental dishes, the flavour combines both aniseed and spice, simply wilt the leaves into soups, noodles and rice dishes.

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