6X 100% Natural Plant Feed contains no peat or chemicals and is a sterilised, weed and pathogen free natural organic fertiliser so it is safe to use on all plants. It provides balanced nutrition for shrubs, flower beds, vegetables and lawns and is extraordinarily economical - one 15Kg sack of this fibrous fertiliser is sufficient to cover 180sq metres at lawn rate or 66 sq. metres for general feeding. It is renowned for producing magnificent gardens of all types of flowers, vegetables, fruit and lawns. Certified by Organic Farmers & Growers for use in organic systems Contains: Nitrogen(N) 5.8%, Phosphorus(P) 3.5%, Potassium(K) 3% It is ideal: to break clay or to condition the soil; to enable vigorous growth of seedlings; to encourage vigorous and healthy root systems; to produce wholesome vegetables and tasty fruit and for healthy, abundant flower growth. Very handily, it can also be turned into liquid manure which will cover 250 sq. yards when used at the lawn rate. 6X Natural Fertiliser is also quite harmless to lime hating plants, it should be mixed with peat and then spread around the plants that are already established, helping to promote healthy abundant growth of rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias etc Capacity: 15kg/40 Litres

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