Please see below for a more detailed explanation of hire terms. Please acknowledge that you have read and agreed to them in the option below. Select the type of hire you would like to purchase and your preferred date. Every type of hire will be supplied with a full tank of unleaded fuel & oil mixture. If you are selecting a day or weekend loan please be sure to have extra fuel available. (40:1) These are the most temperamental of all the machines - be sure to see that it is started for you before commencing hire. On returning please remove any ground cover threads that may become wrapped around the spindle and report any damage that may have occurred.


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*All Equipment is used entirely at your own risk. 

*The Association accepts no liability for any injuries incurred during the hire of any equipment. 

* You are responsible for your own Covid precautions.

•Hiring can be done on a daily, weekend or a shop session basis at weekends and Wednesdays (Spring – Summer) ONLY on a pre-booked pre-paid basis. 

•Adverse weather conditions will result in a mutually agreed alternative date or refund

•If a daily or weekend basis is booked you will be loaned a shed key to enable you to return the machine at the end of the session and to post the key through the shop’s letter box. Keys not returned or lost will be charged at £5 per replacement.

•If a shop session hire basis is booked – machines must be returned on day of hire by 11.30am at the latest or they will become a daily hire and charged accordingly.