When, Where & How

Please note this service is for Plot Holders and Garden Members of the Salisbury Road Allotment Association only.

The shop facilities are ONLY seen as a service to the membership and NOT a profit making venture. All income is reinvested into improving the facilities for the benefit of the Membership.

When & Where

The Click & Collect service is now a part of the Website so you can access it via the website or direct browser link - both are shown in the "How to Order" paragraph below.

Browsing and shopping by Click & Collect is open 24/7 for your convenience.

The Collection of Online orders are made from The Shop on:

Saturdays & Sundays 9.00am to 11.30am

Wednesday 5pm to 7pm (Spring & Summer ONLY)

Browsing and Purchasing in the traditional shopping mode is also welcomed during the above times (unless Government "lockdown" restrictions are in place). 

How to Order

The Click & Collect service is now a part of the Website so you can access it via the website or direct browser link:

The browser independent link to the shop Click and Collect service is :


You can bookmark the above address for direct access or click on the Click & Collect option on the website menu bar or click here Website Click & Collect Page link

You will see that I have set up several categories that reflect shop stock.
Clicking on a category gives you a view of the items or submenus available in the category.
When you have found the item you require add the required number to the basket. (This can also be done retrospectively)
A view of your basket will appear on the right - you can chose to increase the number required, continue shopping or go to "Order Now".

Adding several items will provide a cumulative total in the “basket”

When your shopping is done – click on “Order Now
Enter the relevant contact details.
These details may well be "remembered" by your computer/phone/tablet according to how you have set it up so when making future purchases you will be able to select the address details automatically just click into the first box and accept your computer's suggestions (if they are correct!!!)

Click on Save & Continue

There are three options for payment - 

Pay by Card (There is no lower limit on card payments) 
Pay by BACs - Clicking on this option will reveal the relevant transfer details (Sort Code = 30-80-27 A/No = 30341168) this is NOT automatic please transfer the funds through your online banking access.
Pay on Collection by Debit/Credit card

There is £1  MINIMUM  (stipulated by card company) when using your Card for online, collection items or on the spot purchases in the shop. Please pay for all shop purchases by card - PIN or Contactless - thank you. 

Then click on Place Pickup Order – the next process depends on your choice of payment method and is outlined on the page - Click & Collect Payment